Penn Park

Penn Park
Photo by Steve Belfiglio

Penn Park is 24 acres of continuous open space on the eastern edge of campus that includes athletic and recreational fields owned and operated by the University. This new amenity, bordered by Walnut Street to the north, South Street to the south, Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor rail line to the east and SEPTA’s Regional Rail line to the west, is connected to 10 acres of pre-existing Penn athletic facilities.

In this edition of By The Numbers, we stroll through Penn Park.

14Acres of asphalt purchased by Penn from the United States Post Office to build the park.
300,000Watts of energy saved per hour through the park’s state-of-the-art green lighting system.
18Hours per day that the park is open: 6 a.m. to midnight.
2,000,000Average gallons of storm water that will be collected annually by the park’s underground cisterns.
548Number of new trees planted at the park, including white pines, metasequoia, larch, balsam pine, catalpa, hackberry and swamp white oak.
250,000Square feet of synthetic athletic fields at the site.
103,000Square feet of grass seed planted.
2Acres of open green fields at the park.
470Number of seats in the multipurpose stadium.
233Number of jobs Penn Park created for area residents, translating to a nearly $70 million economic impact for the city. 

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