Beth Warshaw

Text by Tim Hyland
Beth WarshawPhoto credit: Mark Stehle

WHO SHE IS: Line Producer, WXPN

YEARS AT PENN: 7 years

WHAT SHE DOES: Just about anything that needs to be done. Warshaw is involved in the production of all kinds of segments on WXPN—including such regular features as the “Philly Local Pick of the Day”—but says her job mostly defies description. “I do what people throw at me,” Warshaw says. “Trying to explain what I do would be in itself a form of jargon—‘I do this to this machine and then this happens.’”

STAR STRUCK: Warshaw says that a lot of the bands she enjoys aren’t exactly regulars on ‘XPN, and so her job hasn’t brought her into contact with many of her rock heroes. But when Canadian folk-rockers The Weakerthans hit WXPN a few years back, Warshaw admits she was, well, excited. “I was crazy star struck,” she says.

ON THE SIDE: Warshaw is one of the founders of Girls Rock Philly, a nonprofit organization that operates a “rock camp” for local girls. The camp is available to girls from ages 9 to 17 and teaches them how to play instruments, write songs and discover other women in rock. “It provides a real sense of satisfaction, because this really helps them out,” Warshaw says. For more information on Girls Rock Philly, visit

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