Tom Pote

Text by Tim Hyland
Tom PotePhoto credit: Mike Regan

WHO HE IS: Personal trainer, PennRec

TIME AT PENN: Six months

WHAT HE DOES: Pote helps run PennRec’s new

RESULTS program, a series of free programs, targeted at the Penn community, “to help people gain the knowledge and tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle,” Pote says. The program focuses on areas including healthy eating, stress management and fitness and wellness.

HOW HE ENDED UP HERE: “I had gone to school at Rowan University to study Health Promotion and Fitness Management and started here at Penn as an intern,” Pote says. “They brought me in to work with the programming department, and the project I had was RESULTS.”

LOOKING TO GROW: “We’d love to see the program take hold all across the University,” Pote says. “I think the potential is there. Everyone is interested in fitness and wellness and learning how to eat better … So far, it’s going really well.”

INTERESTED?: For more information about

RESULTS and other PennRec programs, visit

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