Staff and faculty eat for free with frequent-buyer cards

Frequent-Buyer Cards

The airline industry’s frequent-flyer programs might want to take a lesson from Penn’s new frequent-buyer club cards. They’re more generous and a lot easier to use.

Developed by Bon Appétit at Penn Dining, the club cards allow cardholders to “earn” a free meal at the Houston Market or the Shoppes at 1920 Commons by doing what they regularly do –- eat. When faculty or staff make four purchases of $7 or more at the campus eateries, and get their cards punched, they will get their fifth meal for free at either location, valued up to $7. That’s a free sandwich, salad, sushi, pizza or pad Thai.

Additionally, at Yo-reka!, the new Greek yogurt shop located in 1920 Commons, staff, faculty and students who purchase seven servings of yogurt valued at $3 or more, and get their frequent buyer club card punched each time, will get their eighth purchase free. Open since January, Yo-reka! offers a selection of Greek and other types of yogurt with toppings that include fresh fruit, sauces and granola.

“Bon Appétit at Penn Dining has introduced a variety of fresh and creative food concepts to campus this year,” says Marie Witt, vice president of Penn’s Business Services Division. “We introduced the club card to encourage staff and faculty to stop in and sample these new selections."

To get a frequent-buyer club card, simply visit Houston Market or the Shoppes at 1920 Commons and ask for one.

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