Donna Manley

IT Senior Director
Information Systems & Computing 

Donna Manley

How long have you worked at Penn?
“I have been with Penn going on 9 years.”

What do you do?
Manley directs the tactical and operational data center activities, and is responsible for the overall effectiveness and efficiency of data center technology systems and ensuring customer satisfaction. “Like many people, I got involved in IT by accident. I was fortunate to have a manager who challenged his staff to work outside their comfort zone. My undergrad degree is actually in political science.”

What’s the best part about your job?
“Every day my staff and I are presented with a new challenge and work together to find ways to continuously improve our customer’s experience.”

What’s unique about your workspace?
“The larger portion of space we occupy is Data Center space for the University’s Administrative Systems and a number of University schools and centers. This area has a number of environmental, security, and physical controls in place to insure the technical well-being and integrity of our customer’s assets. Automation is also used extensively to make us aware of an issue before our customer’s services may be impacted, allowing us to take a proactive posture in managing the environment.”