Jeff Gasko

Mail Carrier
Penn Mail Services

Jeff Gasko

How long have you been at Penn? 
“Seven years.”

What do you do?
As a mail carrier in Penn Mail Services, located in the Left Bank building at 3160 Walnut St., Suite 500, Gasko picks up campus mail from the post office and delivers it throughout the Penn community. He also collects outgoing campus mail for postage processing and intramural mail that is sent from one University department to another.

Do you have a specific mail route?
“It varies throughout the week,” says Gasko. “We try to rotate every week so you’re not doing the same route every day.” Certain buildings—such as College Hall—receive mail service to multiple stops, whereas other buildings—such as Sansom Place East—have their mail delivered to a central mailroom.

How many pieces of mail do you handle each week?
“Thousands,” he says. “Quite a few hundred in intramural alone.”

What is the favorite part of your job?
“I definitely like the customer service, seeing customers face-to-face. I like going into the buildings because we rotate the building, too. I definitely enjoy the customer service as you see various different types of people.”

Do you have any tips for people sending mail?
“Make sure that your mail is properly addressed because we do get a lot of mail that unfortunately comes back because it’s not properly addressed.”

Have you ever delivered anything unusual?
“Nothing out of the ordinary, although we have delivered stuff to the Med School,” he says. “I will just leave it at that.”