John McGuire

Facilities and Real Estate Services

John McGuire

How long have you worked at Penn?
“I’ve been here 26 years.”

As a housekeeper, do you work primarily in residence buildings?
“Yes, all residences, primarily at Sansom Place East and West. But I’ve been in the high rises, Hill College House, the Quad.”

Describe what you do.
“Trash. It’s all about trash. I’m responsible for all the floors, the dumpster, the garage downstairs, half of the lobby, trash rooms, recycling—and that’s just in [Sansom Place East].” 

What’s the best part of your job?
“The environment. The people. It’s always moving, and there’s not too much down time. The doors are always closing and opening, and there’s always someone coming in. I enjoy the students. I know a lot of them by face, some of them by name. I usually see them when they’re going out to class first thing in the morning.”

What’s your most memorable moment in the past 26 years?
“The day I got my 25-year certificate. That was something I felt proud of. First off, I didn’t believe how quick the time went. I was here for 25 years, and I felt really good about that. I understand what it means. My father held the same job for years, and from what I hear, not too many people stay on the same job this amount of time. And I’m not the only one at Penn—there’s a lot of people here who have been here the same amount of time or even more. It’s a good place to work.”