Lucy Fowler Williams

Associate Curator and Jeremy A. Sabloff Senior Keeper of American Collections
Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Lucy Fowler Williams

How long have you worked at Penn?
“I started at Penn in 1990 as a graduate intern and kept working while pursuing my Ph.D. here in anthropology.”

What’s the best part about your job?
“As associate curator and senior keeper, I care for and study indigenous American material culture and make it accessible to the public, including the University.  … The best part is spending time with, and learning from, the indigenous people whose things we house in the Museum.”

What’s the most interesting item you’ve worked with during your time at the Museum?
“An embroidered cotton Pueblo shoulder blanket that essentially maps the Pueblo cosmos—on the body it wraps the wearer in the sacred landscape. ... It's just one example of the profound ways in which material culture continues to hold meaning for Native Americans.”

What's unique or special about the space in which you work?
“I work in the Mainwaring Collections Storage Wing of the Penn Museum. … I spend each day surrounded by amazing handmade objects in a state-of-the-art, high security, climate controlled wing of the Penn Museum—the architects designed it to look like a jewelry box, and it feels that special to me everyday.”