Mark Frazier Lloyd

University Archives and Records Center

Mark Frazier Lloyd

How long have you worked at Penn?
“Twenty-nine years, since May 1984.”

Could you describe what you do?
“Direct Penn’s unified archival and records management program.  I serve, on many levels, as University historian.”

What’s special about the space in which you work?
“Two-hundred and sixty-four years of historical documentation.” 

In your opinion, what’s the most fascinating archive or record you’ve come across at the Center?
“The speeches and writings, both formal and informal, of the several different Penn presidents and provosts.”

What’s the best part about your job?
“Working with really smart, really well-educated, and really hard-working people who care about Penn.”

Tell me about the book you’re holding.
“[It’s] the first minute book of the Trustees of the College, Academy and Charitable School of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania, commonly known as the College of Philadelphia. The minute book contains the written records of the Trustees for the years 1749 to 1768. Penn did not become the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania until 1791.”