Patty Mendoza

Associate Director
Center for Hispanic Excellence: La Casa Latina


How long have you worked at Penn?
“I’ve been working at Penn for a year-and-a-half now. I relocated from San Diego where I was working at the University of California, San Diego.”

What does your job entail?
“As the associate director, I am charged with developing and continuing our academic year programs, advising students and building relationships on campus, in the community and alumni. I assist in coordinating the Latin@ Heritage Month celebration, Café Con Leche Dialogue Series, and Mentorship Pathways Program. In addition, I advise the Latin@Coalition, which is a board of seven undergraduate student leaders that promote and advance the agenda of Latin@ students at Penn. I also serve as a resource for our graduate students and work closely with the Latin American and Latin@ Graduate and Professional Student Assembly.”
What’s the best part of your job?
“Working with students is the best part of my job. The work I do is personal; I can relate to our students’ lived experiences, and so I do my best to provide them with the resources and support they need. The students are the heartbeat of the center. It is their energy and eagerness to be involved and give back to the community that motivates me to work harder each day.”
What is your workspace in the ARCH building like? 
“The Center for Hispanic Excellence: La Casa Latina is a vibrant space that is often filled with laughter, a space where stories are shared, new memories are made, a safe space for students, and a home-away-from-home for many. On any given day you can find students playing dominoes, watching television, studying, stopping by for lunch, having meetings, or popping in to one of our offices to share exciting news, seek advice, or simply stopping by to say hello. Having a Latin@ resource center on an Ivy League campus in itself is unique. We are blessed with the opportunity to be able to offer specialized resources for our students and support from our allies across campus.”